We prepare your company for high performance.

Maximizing productivity and competitiveness.
Process Improvements.
Connection with financial results.

Business Management

The right solution for each client 100%
Pragmatic vision 100%
Multidisciplinary experience 100%

Our Drivers

Use of Asset Capability
Maximizing Results
Reduction in working capital demand
Risks mitigation


Strategic support

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Strategic Planning

Company's Proposal of Value and definition of the strategies to be adopted: markets, products, resources, technology and growth. Customer as the focal point of the process.

Newcomers & Startups support

Support for the operational structuring of domestic and foreign companies, from market studies to the operational phase. Connect with Startups for opportunities in innovation.


Planning, identification of opportunities and support of process management of Mergers and Acquisitions, Alliances and Partnerships.

Interim Management & Turnaround

Transition management in change processes, and company restructuring: Change Management and Turnaround.

Business Processes

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Corporate Finance

Organization of financial structure and processes such as cash flow, including:
Bills to receive
Bills to pay
Financial controls

Product & Service Portfolio

Analysis of Product Portfolio with evaluation of costs, technology and growth curves, for decision making in accordance with profitability and strategy.

Asset Management

Planning methodology, ROI tracking, return maximization, support for projected useful life decisions, based on ISO 55001.

Supplier and Distributor Tracking

Follow-up methodology for risk mitigation partners: Suppliers, Distribution & Services Network, and Franchised Network.

External Market

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33/5000 Preparation of the Export Company

Management and training for export processes and practices: product, prices, marketing, logistics and insertion in the international market. Structuring of channels and contacts with service providers and government support agencies.

Market Studies

Market research to define opportunities and risks, customizations and regulations, prices and volumes.

We have a correspondent in Canada for the North American market.

Specifications Review

Study of customer standards and requirements for product suitability to destination market, identification and packaging for transportation and distribution, and cost compliance review.

In addition to the employees and specialized associates, Henbak has cooperation agreements with Brazilian and Noth American partners.

Who we are

Gestão empresarial com foco em ganhos de competitividade para o cliente.
João Henrique em entrevista com a BCC discorrendo sobre o Bloco K.

Our  work

Specializing in business management services, to help entrepreneurs and managers build successful businesses with improved results, and gains in competitiveness.

Our foundation is in the understanding of the appropriate solution for each client, with respect to their corporate culture. We are a team with executive vision, with the characteristic of delivery of tangible results, that serve the client.

Henbak has collaborators specialized in the areas of business management, finance, costs, product planning and specifications, data analysis technology, foreign trade, and lean processes.


The company is led by Joao Henrique Botelho, Mechanical Engineer PUC-RJ, with specialization in Business Administration PUC-RJ, and MBA Finance INSPER-SP.

Experience of 20 years, in market development and executive business management, having led in Brazil-level CEO multinational industrial companies, and with foreign trade operations with the US, Germany, Sweden, China, Mexico and various countries in South America and Central.

In addition to the employees and specialized associates, Henbak has cooperation agreements with partner companies.

Cooperation Agreements:

Creative Team Canada, Toronto

Packaging design, localization, and support of foreign trade (marketing) in the North American market.

Dynamic Partners, São Paulo

M & A and restructuring of stressed companies.

Máxima Produtivismo, São Paulo

Lean Processes.


  • Strategic planning
  • Assistance to newcomers & startups
  • M & A
  • Interim management & turnaround


  • Corporate Finance
  • Product and Service Portfolio
  • Asset Management
  • Supplier and distributor tracking


  • Preparation of the exporting company
  • Market studies
  • Review Specifications

Rua Chafic Maluf, 160
04710-160   São Paulo, SP – Brasil
Phone: +55 (11) 5561.4612
E-mail: henbak@henbak.com.br